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Marshalltown Medical and Surgical Center

Phone Numbers

Patient rooms may be called directly from the outside by dialing (641) 754-5 and the room number. Since patient room assignments may change, your relatives and friends should check with the information desk for your correct room number.

Following is a list of phone numbers which may be helpful to you. To access an outside line, press "9" then 7-digit telephone number. To dial in-house numbers, dial the last four numbers. 

Main Number (641) 754-5151
Administration (641) 754-5145
Billing Information (641) 754-5118
Cardiac Rehab (641) 754-5178
Emergency Room (641) 754-5040
Environmental Services (641) 754-5020
Food and Nutrition Services (641) 754-5050
Gift Shop (641) 754-5148
Senior Healthcare Insurance Information (SHIIP)     (641) 754-5399
Interpreters (641) 754-5142
Lab (641) 754-5080
Lifeline (641) 754-5007
Lost and Found (641) 754-5020
Patient Information (641) 754-5152
Patient Representative (641) 754-5287
Patient and Family Service (641) 754-5142
Physical Rehabilitation
     Outpatient (641) 754-6120
     Inpatient (641) 754-5039
Public Relations (641) 754-5281
Skilled Care Center (641) 754-5368
Social Services (641) 754-5142
Wound Healing Center
(641) 754-5093
(641) 754-8025


Concerns regarding the care received: If you have questions or concerns about your care, speak to your nurse, the unit charge nurse or unit nursing director. If you feel the need to discuss your concern further, you may contact the following: Patient Care Advocate (Hospital) at (641) 754-8053.


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